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WENDY HOUSE MANUFACTURES AND FACTORY IN bloemfonteinWendy House Manufactures and Factory in Bloemfontein – Are you looking for a beautifully made traditional style wooden Wendy House? Then look no further, for we are the premier Wendy House manufacturers in South Africa. Based in Bloemfontein, our Wendy House factory makes a range of beautiful designs to fit all budgets, so you’re in the right place for a wonderfully designed and long lasting house. A Wendy House is not a toy but a treasured possession, and in an age where children tend to be engrossed in computer games one makes for an excellent change of scenery.

As the number one Wendy House manufacturer in the country we take great pride in making sure South African kids of all ages can enjoy our beautiful products. Each design is carefully crafted to be entirely safe for children, is made from the best quality materials to ensure a long life, and is priced competitively. If you wish we can supply you with plans and materials so that you can build your own to our designs – saving you even more money on what is a wonderfully priced quality product!

If you don’t want a wooden Wendy House – although we are sure you will when you see our beautiful designs and excellent prices – we can supply you with a cheaper plastic version, and we are more than happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you may have. We promise to turn your order around as quickly as possible – but of course, we will not skimp on quality – to make sure you get your beautiful Wendy House in good time, and we have sizes and prices to fit all space restrictions and budgets. Why not get in touch now for a quote that we know you will find very attractive?

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